R.A.G Single Entry

It is important that areas of strength and weaknesses are identified but unless something is done with the information, collecting data about students’ performance at a question level is pointless. What we have developed with our RAG function, is the ability to address and work on areas for improvement. It’s not rocket science … we like “simple” … the basic idea is to produce alternative versions of Key Stage 2 SATs papers because the best way to practice Maths is to “do maths”!

This document explains more about the functionality and ways to use this feature but there are effectively two schools of thought:

  1. You can exclude questions that were correct and so, the alternative papers will include a reduced number of topics for students to focus on.
  2. By including all questions students will be given the opportunity to practice all the skills that were tested. For the 2- and 3-mark questions on the Reasoning papers we suggest that the initial focus is on those questions where “some” marks were gained moving onto those where no marks were scored and then finally working on those questions where full marks were gained.

It really is simple to use.